Grays in Bloom 2017 Comes to a Close

Grays in Bloom 2017 Comes to a Close




We say goodbye to the latest addition to Grays high-street this week as the Grays in Bloom project comes to a close for 2017.

The idea for the Grays in Bloom project first came from the community groups that Love Grays work with. They thought that Grays would benefit from a bit of colour for the summer, and decided that a few well designed planters would get the place looking bloomin’ lovely – we loved the idea!

Seeing that the community groups were committed to the idea and quite enthusiastic about getting their hands dirty, the Love Grays team went to work finding a local horticultural business to assist with the design and purchase of the planters.

Enter chief green thumb Darren Tubby, Contracts Manager at Elm Horticulture just down the road from Love Grays HQ. As well as being our main contact, Darren assisted each community group with the practical side of their designs, as well as organising the planting of the planters and their installation in the high-street – in short, Darren is a star! Thanks Darren 😁

After all of the community groups had submitted their final designs, the Love Grays team organised for them to come down to Clipper Park Industrial Estate, the home of Elm Horticulture, to get their hands dirty!

Now some of you might think that planting a few flowers is comparable to a walk in the park, well I can tell you that is not entirely true, at least in the case of the Grays in Bloom planters. With the community groups coming up with some quite elaborate designs – we’re talking about you Thurrock Mind – the Love Grays team had to get a little creative, suddenly becoming amateur carpenters while assisting Thurrock Lifestyle Solutions to construct their triangle themed structure!


However, the hard work was entirely worth it. As each planter was finished we could see the sense of achievement and pride in every member of the community groups, each having their own inspiration for the design of their planters. Now they just had to trust us to transport their precious planters onto Grays High-Street in one piece!

Of course they never doubted us for a second, we are professionals after all, and with the help of a few well trained delivery drivers the job was a breeze… even if there were a few hairy moments!

Once the planters were safely placed around the high-street the team at Love Grays HQ got to work shouting about the latest addition to the town centre on Facebook, asking the public to vote for their favourite.

The likes soon came flooding in as the community groups started sharing the photo of their favourite planter. The Princes Trust ran into an early lead and finally managed to accumulate a whopping 100 votes in the first round, and they soon became the favourites to win the competition.

However, the other community groups weren’t going to give in that easily, and came back fighting with one last push for extra votes before the competition closed on 22nd September. The Princes Trust finally managed to secure a total of 142 votes which secured them 1st place in the competition!


You can see in the picture above the trademark vivid reds from the Princes Trust planter as Rob Groves of Riverside Community Big Local presents Team Leader Tom Flynn of the Princes Trust with a trophy for designing and maintaining the community’s favourite planter!

With the presentation of the trophy, the Grays in Bloom project comes to an end for the summer of 2017, with the planters having been moved to their new home at the Lightship Café, Grays Beach where they will bed down for the winter. So if you missed seeing the planters on the high-street you can still see them in their new home before some of the plants retire for the winter months.

We’d like to thank all of the community groups that took part in the Grays in Bloom project, designing and maintaining the planters on the high-street, you can find out more on the various community groups below:


We would also like to give special thanks to Rob Groves and the Riverside Community Big Local for funding the prizes awarded to the winner of Grays in Bloom.

Didn’t have a chance to see the planters in their prime first hand? No worries, just click the link below to go to our Facebook photo album!

Grays in Bloom 2017 Photo Album 


This project was funded by Love Grays 


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